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Saturday, February 25, 2006



and wish you all can get your desired results!

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Friday, November 11, 2005
Things You Really Don’t Want to Hear Her Saying at The End of Your Date

If you hear her saying this at the end of your date, might as well potong.

1. “Like that only, ah? Tcheh!”

2. “Next!”

3. “Aiyah, wen die, lah. Syphilis only.”

4. “You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…”

5. “Can you drop me off at Woodbridge? I have to book in early tonight.”

6. “(Sigh) Looks like tomorrow, it’s back to the SDU again.”

7. “Thanks for a great time, Uncle.”

8. “Next week, don’t forget to come for my 14th birthday, ‘kay?”

9. “It’s not me. It’s you.”

10. “(Giggle) No, that’s not my brother in the photo! That’s me before my operation!”

11. “I had such a good time tonight that next time I want to bring my mother along!”

12. “I’m sorry… it’s just that the kind of person I’m looking for in a relationship is someone with more… length.”

13. (Gets out of car and shouts into her house:) “Children! Come out and meet your new daddy!”

14. “That will be $250. So… same time next week?”

15. “Have you heard about network marketing?”

What the Fast Food Worker is Really Thinking When Serving You

1. Would you like a heart attack with that?

2. Hee hee hee, you really think that’s beef, ah?

3. Eh? Did I forget to wash my hands after going to the toilet again?

4. Wah lau, this guy eats here more regularly than I do… but I work here, what’s his excuse?

5. Why? Why didn’t I listen to Mummy and study hard?

6. Olinda… It should have been you, my love!

7. Funny how nobody seems to be able to taste what I added to the special sauce.

8. Chope! Is Ronald related to that Old McDonald who had the ee-i-ee-i-o farm?

9. Damn! Where got justice in this world when I’m 68 years old and I not only kena serve 10 year old chewren, I must also call the si noong kia ‘Sir’!

10. Did this one fall on the floor, or did the other one?

11. Why does Hello Kitty have no mouth? Maybe it’s too scared to eat this Happy Meal shit…

12. Wasn’t I wearing a plaster just now?

13. Mmm… Auntie is pretty hot for a seventy-one year old.

14. Eh, supersize my salary, leh.

15. Help…me…please…


Here are the most common things said when meeting the person you’ve been trying to pok over the Internet in the flesh for the first time.

1. Ma?!

2. Yes, I am a bit disappointed that you brought along your husband.

3. Nice beard. Susan.

4. Wow, you really can’t judge a person’s looks by the way they type, can you?

5. Ha ha! Good one, man! So... where are the hidden cameras? Eh, dun bluff, lah! Serious... where are they? Tsk, dun like that, leh... faster tell me where the bleddy cameras are!

6. Sorry, Looking4Lurve2004 couldn't make it. I'm his best friend, ShagAnybody43.

7. Well, yes, I am surprised. I thought I was the guy.

8. Tank, I need an exit, fast!

9. Orh... so the 320 in your username sgman320 represents your weight?

10. Boy-boy, it’s not very nice to go on the Internet and pretend to be your older sister, you know.

11. Die, lah... where’s the ‘Undo’ key?

12. Is it easy to type with a last fingernail that long?

13. Your photoshop skills quite powderful, hor? In that picture you sent me, I really couldn’t see all your pimples.

14. Eh? Is that my reservist callsign I hear? Aiyoh, so sorry! I just kena mobilised. Tell you what, I’ll call you, okay?

15. Ctrl-Alt-Delete! Ctrl-Alt-Delete!

16. When you said you had TV star looks, I didn’t realise you meant Sheik Haikel.

17. Pa?!


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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



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Monday, October 31, 2005
Language is a wonderful thing to look at. Take a look at these words and see what is so special about these language. Please don't look at the answers. The answers will be provided at the end of this post.
[And I don't know the meaning of these words. Hopefully these are not offensive words]

1) saippuakauppias ( finnish)
2) Telet (finnish)
3) Takat(finnish)
4) Seimimies (finnish)
5) Ii
6) Rentner (German)
7) Rám német nem lel, elmentem én már (Hungarian)
8) Keresik a tavat a kis erek (Hungarian)
9) Katak (Indonesian)
10) Subi dura a rudibus (Latin)
11) Może jutro ta dama da tortu jeżom (Polish)

No clue?

Then take a look at this
11) 我愛媽媽,媽媽愛我

Now you got the ans?

Next test:

What is remarkable about the following sentence
" I am not very happy acting pleased whenever prominent scientists overmagnify intellectual enlightenment."

1) These words are panlindrome, meaning they spell the same way in the forward and backward direction.
2) Ans to the second test is that each word contains one more letter than the previous one.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Few days ago I read a newspaper article on a man who used his nose to drink beer. How on earth can a person drink beer with his nose? Even if that person can, I think he is just a show off. How would anyone in his right mind declare that drinking beer through nose is much better than drinking beer through mouth? I wonder if he drinks chilli oil from his nose. If he does...

Oh, by the way, I have been slacking for one or two days. Sian, not in the mood to study. Engine cannot start.

Actually is weather too hot, cannot concentrate. Hope for a super big thunderstorm today, preferably at night.

But then hor, even if no mood to study still have to study mah. Must think of something to motivate yourself. Look at Joseph, he is already planning for his new year liaos...haha, eh don't think too far lah, first paper haven't start leh.

Few days ago went back to school, saw quite a lot of students feeling super stressed. When they get stressed up, they get scary. Some of them have unusually large eyes with long and untidy hair, looking as if she has changed her daily diet to TYS. Maths TYS for breakfast, Phy TYS for lunch (because phy TYS is thicker, so can eat fuller), Chem TYS for dinner. Oh, and also one or two option booklets for tea break and supper (cannot eat too much, later cannot eat dinner).

So that's why whenever I go to school and see a stressed person, I would always think, "Jia lat, xiao zha bo (mad woman) coming already."

"Hi, I am xiao zha bo..."

Sometimes version may change to "Alamak, xiao gina (mad child) standing there. How to siam4?"

"Hi, I am xiao gina..."

Actually not a bad thing though. Can scare the daylight out of me during consult so that I can keep myself awake. I realised that I am not a morning person during the school holidays.

But still, haha...hopefully these people won't get tired and worn out on the first day.

And to answer choo's question, yes everyone is studying super hard. This kind of question no need to think one :P.

Just take a look at how many of our class people online. Actually there are 4 class people online now, better than the past few days.

No should be 5. I am also online, but I put it to offline status. (Must avoid people at all cost!!!)

Ok, back to staring at the books liaoz. Must start the engine. Vroom vroom!

Countdown to A Levels: NINE
(With courtesy of Amanda's Calender System Private Limited)

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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Top Student Feigns Surprise At 'A' Level Results
Posted on Wednesday, September 06, 2000
Topic: Local News by Ayam Goreng

Top student Chow Mah Ger, 18, of X Junior College, widened his eyes upon receiving his 'A' level results, creating the widespread impression that the 4 A's he obtained in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths 'C', A1's in General Paper and Chinese, as well as Special Paper Distinctions in Chemistry, Biology and Physics, were totally unexpected."

This is unbelievable," Chow was reported saying to himself, audibly enough for his curious classmates to hear, but not too loud as to appear as if he was gloating over the entire school population, "I never expected this at all."

By affecting a certain trembling of his hands while removing the results slip from its envelope, and subsequently gulping as he saw his grades revealed by a gradual inching over the envelope's edge, Chow was able to orchestrate the overall illusion that his results were achieved purely by chance, rather than through countless hours of anti-social mugging in the school library."

It's not as if it's a big shock to all of us," remarked Jacklyn Seet, 18, his classmate, who would only mention that her results were 'not as impressive'. "Mah Ger has always been the biggest mugger in the class. He's got this special system of highlighting his notes, switching between purple, green, blue, pink and yellow, so his notes always look like some crazy colour chart. But if you ask me, it's to make his notes look like such an eyesore that nobody else would want to read them."

This possessive streak in Mah Ger's studying habits has not escaped the notice of other students who share lecture halls with him.

According to rugby captain and retainee Andy Seow, 20, "Mah Ger was this guy who sat right in front of the lecture, bent over, adjusting his specs, and clamping about 10 different highlighters between his thighs. We all thought he was too poor to afford higher degree spectacles or something and I guess we sort of pitied the guy. But the thing was that he sat in front so that he could snatch the transparency from the lecturer in case he couldn't finish copying in time."

Upon further nudging, Seow reluctantly shared the following anecdote: "See, there was this one time when I think he didn't cap his highlighters properly and so the crotch area of his white pants sort of got stained with these rainbow-coloured markings. And believe it or not, the guy wasn't even aware of it. When he walked past the rugby table, we all started singing the Paddle Pop song, but he still didn't get it."

"What I don't get is why he has to act like he's so surprised at getting his results," remarked Nizam Haron, 18, Mah Ger's alleged rival in the school's Chemistry Olympiad team. 'He's a total muggertoad, no girlfriend, no TV, he doesn't even turn up for class barbecues. I bet you he already knew what grades he was getting immediately after the papers. I had the good fortune of taking the train back with him after the exams and he kept trying to compare his answers with mine. There was this long debate we had about the structure of benzene and he called me up the next morning to tell me that he was right after reading up Paterson's Organic Chemistry. And he kept going on about how he's only managed to detect two mistakes so far, and he had the feeling that his A was in the bag. Big deal. All I wanted at that point was to go out and party."

When asked if he had attended the Prom Night, the school's glitzy end-of-year affair where students indulge in rounds of autographs, photo-taking, and general nostalgia, Chow could only offer a bashful smile and said, "I'm sorry, I'm just a bit too overwhelmed right now, this whole thing is just so unexpected." He then returned to the task of posing for press photographs, beaming widely, and holding his results slip in his hands in triumphant poses.

After using the words 'unexpected' and 'surprised' at least 30 times throughout the course of the day, including their equivalent versions in Mandarin for the benefit of the Chinese papers, Mah Ger was able to share with us his impressive list of ECA achievements, which included being the Chairman of the Wargamers' Society, Vice-Chairman of the Horticultural Club, a Treasurer of the Computing Society, as well as manning the water station for the inter-faculty Cross Country competition a year ago. He was also an amateur pipa player and shook the tambourine during a mini-concert on Teacher's Day as a member of a short-lived band called 'Chain Reaction', consisting mainly of gangly, awkward, zero-charisma Triple Science students.

Vikram Naidu, 18, a student councillor, had a few parting shots: "He really shouldn't have overdone the 'totally stunned' look. Is Mah Ger going to get his A's? Is the Pope Catholic? Tomorrow we're all going to see him in the papers, top student, active in ECA's, now in Officer Cadet School, which is a mystery to all of us because this was the guy who skipped PE lessons when the school was being painted because he claimed the fumes made him giddy."

"I'm sure he's going to brag about how he achieved it all through consistent hard work, and fail to mention the fact that the librarian often used to jangle her keys in front of his face and chase him out of the library or how he's completed his ten-year series books three times over," continued Mr. Naidu. " And if it's the Mah Ger we all know, he might even mention the fact that he was even nominated for Prom King. The sad thing is everyone in the entire school knew it was a sabo job, except him."

When asked if Chow eventually turned up for the Prom, Naidu erupted in a burst of laughter and replied, "Did Mah Ger attend the Prom? Does the sun rise in the West?"

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Hey below is an extract from Stephen Chow's movie.. haha find it quite funny.


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